Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello everyone. Joe here with a very late April blog. We have been so incredibly busy this month. So many new guests and so many returning guests came to see us this month. Whether it was to shop at Woodbury Commons or to visit relatives for the Easter holiday or just to relax, it was wonderful to see everyone.

We started something new at the Inn this season. If a couple or a group that is staying at the Inn would like us to prepare a soup to nuts dinner, we will accommodate them. Prices vary according to season, menu or size of group. Let us know when you make your reservations if you might be interested.

Now I know you must be getting tired of hearing this, but...................we just got more chicks. 25 of them and 11 ducks and geese. (See the pic above). I can promise you there will be no shortage of egg dishes here at the Inn from now on.

Bill and I are busy getting the place ready for all of you this spring. Painting and planting are just two of the things we are doing to make the Inn more beautiful for when you come see us. So many of you have expressed interest in becoming innkeepers yourselves. Well, be prepared for all the work that's involved. But it is well worth it.

Now that the warm weather is here, the wineries are in full swing and the farmers markets will be opening soon. The drive-in opened up on April 1st and the guests are already making use of it. The trails are greening up and April showers will soon give way to May flowers. The antique shops are stocking up with new....oops, I mean old things that you can peruse over. So there is lots to do up here as the weather gets warmer.

I mentioned before that we will be utilizing our eggs in many of our breakfast dishes. Here is one that is quick and easy and a great addition to your breakfast or brunch.

Bacon and Egg Philo cups

Take 5 sheets of Philo dough (pkgd) and place them one on top of each other. Spraying each with cooking spray before laying them down.

Cut out 4 inch circles and place these circles in a greased muffin pan. You should get about 6.

Repeat with philo dough until you have as many filled muffing cups as you need.

Fill with scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon and top with cheese of your choice.

Bake at 350 degrees until the philo is lightly browned.

Now to make it really decadent, pour a cheddar dill sauce over it before you serve it.

Sauce is really easy.

Two tblsp butter melted in a saucepan.

Add one tblsp flour, stir well until smooth.

Add one cup milk. Bring to almost a boil and mixture starts to get thick.

Add 1/2 cup cheddar cheese and sprinkle with dill weed.


Well folks, time to go. Hope you enjoyed the blog. Bill and I wish you everything wonderful in your lives and hope to see you soon.

Happy Spring!