Monday, September 21, 2009

September to Remember

Hi everyone,
Well, Fall is officially here. Time to get ready to put out the mums and the pumpkins and watch all the fall foliage burst onto the Warwick scene. Bill and I are busy getting the Inn ready for this all important season for us. And in 2 weeks, on October 4th, we are celebrating Apple Fest, one of the biggest events in Warwick. Every year, upwards of 30,000 people converge on Warwick to sample and enjoy all that the Hudson Valley has to offer. More, later on in the blog.

September really was a month to remember. We completed the stone patio and had a beautiful pergola put in over it. We also added a fire pit, which is a great hit with the guests. On Labor Day Sunday, we christened the new patio by having our 2nd annual family reunion. Bill and I cooked and barbequed and had a great old time with our family and friends.

We harvested the last of our garden vegetables. I don't think that I have ever seen so much zucchini in all my life. I have a great recipe for zucchini bread which is out of this world. Every neighbor and family member got a nice warm bread this past month. If you would like the recipe, contact me at the Inn.

Our Irish friends visited us this past week. Linda and Cathrine were a breath of Irish spring for us. They toured and shopped and toured and shopped some more. Linda's sister Alison and her husband have been frequent guests of ours for some time now and we always look forward to their stay. So if they are reading this, a big hug and howdy do to you all. Oh and a big thanks for the great cookbooks. Can't wait to try some of those great recipes.

Ireland wasn't the only country to be represented. We had visitors from Canada, Poland, Sweden and Germany. We are quite the international meeting place. The stories they had to tell were both informative and enlightening. And we always get great ideas for the Inn.

Just want to tell you a little bit more about Apple Fest. There are rows and rows of crafts and food and entertainment and all sorts of fun for kids from 1-99 and beyond. There are bands or groups of musicians on almost every corner. There are rides for the kids too. Everything comes from Warwick or the Hudson Valley. Come early because it gets crowded. Remember, October 4th, Sunday, from 9am until dusk. See you there.

Next month I will have some great fall recipes for you and maybe a scary story you can use for Halloween. Yup, its that time again. Have a wonderful month and come see us at the Inn.