Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fine Dining in Warwick

Here at the Inn at Stony Creek we are always trying new recipes for breakfast. Put Bill or I in the kitchen and we are in our glory. We are like scientists experimenting with new culinary delights to please and titillate our guests during our morning meals. And like any good cooks we also enjoy eating and are forever trying out new restaurants to satisfy our demanding palates. We literally prowl the areas around the Inn trying to find new and interesting places to eat so we can also recommend them to our guests.

Well, eureka. We have found two very exceptional places to eat which we now offer as recommendations to the folks that stay at our Inn.

The first one we tried was Conquito. This was originally The Backyard Grill. It was sold a couple of years back and then bought back by the original owner, but this time with a new name and a decidedly authentic Latin flair. Bill had a pork dish and I had the Pollo con arroz. Both were terrific and well portioned. But the things that really turned me into a fan were the "empanadas" for the appetizer and the salad. The dressing was absolutely incredible. Great place to visit for both lunch and dinner. And Saturday evenings at 9pm, there is a Salsa band with dancing.

The second place we tried was Grappa's. Italian, but real Italian. The appetizers included Tuna Tartare with avocado and caviar, baked oysters and portobello mushrooms with a balsamic vinagrette glaze and walnuts. I had as my main course the ravioli duet. A plate full of porcini mushroom raviolis and lobster raviolis with a shrimp sauce. Wow, is all I can say. And the desserts.....well let me say that they are definitely worth going off your diet for.

Now I am getting hungry all over again, so I will sign off until next time. Come up to Warwick and see us at the Inn and then visit one of these two restaurants. You won't be sorry.